Resolution of the meeting of noteholders

maandag 14 oktober 2019

Today, 14 October 2019,  the noteholder meeting was held for CE Credit Management Invest Fund 1 B.V. (the Issuer). In the meeting the noteholders voted in favour of the proposed resolution to authorise the increase of the principal amount of the loan from EUR 50 million to EUR 100 million through the offering and issue of 50,000 additional notes and the associated proposed amendments as reflected in the Updated IM, including to the Terms and Conditions, the Trust Deed, the form of Deed of Pledge, the form of Statement of Issuer’s shareholder and the SLA, as attached to the request dated 27 September 2019 from the Issuer to the security agent to convene a meeting, including the further amendments as provided to the noteholders on 7 October 2019.